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Why Handloom Woven Products Are Sustainable?

by Ratnabali Mitra 19 Feb 2021
Why Handlooms are sustainable

Why Handloom is sustainable?

Being sustainable is the need of the hour. Sustainability, in simple words is nothing but using available resources in an efficient manner, not affecting the needs of generations yet to come. It is a process where selfish deeds cannot perish, and the outcome will be for the collective good. Handloom is one such sustainable process of weaving without using electric machinery ; the existence of which can be traced back to our very own Indus Valley Civilisation. Handloom woven fabrics are gentle and soft, as they are woven directly by human hands, making them highly comfortable and durable. Perhaps, because of the care that is put in by the weaver!! Handloom products are known mainly for their breathability, as the fabric used is less stretched, making it a perfect clothing item to beat the heat. 

Handloom weaving has been passed down from generation to generation, where every generation has contributed a unique style through their artistry and skillset. A traditional touch is a key defining factor between a handloom and machine weaving. Handloom is sustainable as many people from even the most rural parts of India are employed in the art of weaving, this not only helps them to earn something for themselves but also motivates them to put the uniqueness of the place they belong to into their weaving. This also helps the economy to function smoothly. Handloom uses minimal or no amount of electricity and the materials used are all genuine natural resources.

ArtEastri always focuses on bringing together style and tradition in a manner that is not only fashionable but sustainable as well. ArtEastri’s sustainable clothing and affordable ethical wear consists of handloom sarees, stoles, dupattas besides having a variety of hand-loomed home collections like curtains, cushions and table linen to choose from as well. 

Khesh weaving, for instance, is a handloom weaving secret born in the hinterlands of  West Bengal. The textures are eye catching and every touch on the weaved cloth is enough to melt your heart with pleasantness. Khesh is a weaving process where old sarees are used to create something new, something beautiful. This is a sustainable way to carry forward fashion into this world, a world which is obsessed to obtain something new every moment. This method also helps in reducing waste, and the quality of the cloth is also kept intact. 

ArtEastri offers a wide range of handloom whether Khesh sarees or those woven on sheer cottons available in all pretty colors, and ready to compliment your unique sense of style and help you to stand out in the crowd. All the sarees are ingrained with the untold stories of the weavers, that they only could convey through their work. Check out all of our handloom products on our website, and we assure you that the textures and the designs will make your heart bloom!

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