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Let's adopt Ahimsa Silk

‘Ahimsa is the attribute of the soul, and therefore, to be practiced by everybody in all affairs of life. If it cannot be practiced in all departments, it has no practical value.’
-Mahatma Gandhi
Ahimsa Silk, just as the words suggest, means non-violent silk. The name is derived from the process of how the silk is produced without harming the silkworms.

Did you know that it takes 1500 silk worms to get one meter of woven silk cloth?This means 1500 silk worms are killed at the cocoon stage (it is the cocoon which is unraveled in boiling water to produce the fine silk filaments)!

Non-violence as a concept has always been a part of a civilized and harmonious society, and harmony has carried us a very long way. Similarly, ahimsa silks are sustainable in all the possible senses, and the harmony is brought in by ArtEastri! 

When translated literally Ahimsa means non-violence, but when looked at in a broader aspect, it incorporates love, tenderness, caring and compassion for all of humankind, be it animal or plant.

Of all the beautiful and marvelous things that have been contributed by the North-Eastern part of India, Ahimsa silk is one of such contributions which has found a way into all our hearts from all the way from the culturally rich state of Assam. Ahimsa Silk Stoles are a perfect blend of diverse traditions and cultures practiced by the beautiful people of Assam. The warmth of the stole is perfect for your heart and soul and perfect to combat the Indian winters as well. 

Ahimsa fibers are course and must be spun. Assamese weavers hand spin the yarn on drop spindles or motorized single spindles. Hand spinning offers more versatility in creating a wide range of yarns. It also prevents any yarn waste.

Weaving is exclusively a woman’s occupation in Assam. Assamese artisans as well as weavers from the region’s Bodo tribe weave a variety of traditional garments from the silk – wrap skirts (dokhana) worn with an upper cloth (chadar) and plain shawls. Garments made of Ahimsa silk are sometimes offered as valuable gifts. This lusterless silk is prized both for its beauty and superb thermal qualities.

Shop our Ahimsa Silk Collection. Yarn sourced from Assam. Fabric Woven in Bengal. A beautiful fusion of two Eastern states, the hub of handloom weaving in India!

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