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Jamdani Sarees - Traditional beauty meets modern charm!

by Ratnabali Mitra 29 Jan 2021
Traditional beauty meets modern charm!

India is a country that takes utmost pride in its cultural and traditional heritage. Most of the things that we see and experience in the present day have their roots that go back to many many centuries. Whatever we are and that surrounds us is a result of generosity and graciousness that has been passed down from generation to generation. Another thing that we take pride in is our ethnic wear, where each piece of clothing has its own unique story to tell. The cultural integration which is taking place gradually has made us all witness the traditional attire of all the different states.

Of all these beautiful fabrics, a saree is something that stands out. Saree has been an integral part of various traditions and continues to be one of the most elegant attires. Saree has made a reputation of its own worldwide, with celebrities like Madonna and Julia Roberts stealing the occasion by rocking a saree.

Different cultures have their own beautiful version of a saree, which is usually flaunted by the women during festivities or any big occasion. The saree has transpired to be a symbol of celebration over the ages. Onam, which is the biggest harvest festival celebrated in the state of Kerala has provided us with the pleasure of witnessing the beautiful white saree, that fills our hearts up with beautiful colors with every glance. Similarly, festivals like Diwali, which is celebrated throughout the country is an occasion where beautiful sarees are worn. Bengal is a state that has provided the country with the most authentic and gracious sarees, with many designs and patterns dating back at least four centuries . The Jamdani Saree is one such contribution. A Jamdani Saree is known for the high-quality fabric, and is handwoven by the very skilled weavers who through their expertise and the love for their art bring out the most beautiful and enriched textures in each saree.

Saree has always been way more than an attire or a fashion statement, it has the ability to capture memories and the pleasantness that wearing it brought. Each saree has a beautiful memory attached to it, it may be a gift from a son to his mother from the first earned salary, or what was worn on a best friend’s wedding, or, a matching pair of sarees for two sisters who were able to agree on something for the first time. It may be different for you, but still as special. A saree always has a place not only in the wardrobe but in all our hearts as well.

What makes ArtEastri sarees so distinguished and special other than the immense eye-catching beauty that it has in its simplicity, is the fact that these #sarees are very #sustainable! It is high time we all collectively start focusing on what is sustainable and what is not, especially through our purchases. Do your part and check out these lovely sarees on our site. Choose a saree of your liking, that many years from now you’ll hold and get to look back and smile with.

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