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Handloom Products - A New Sunrise. A New Year

by Ratnabali Mitra 31 Dec 2020
A New Sunrise. A New Year

Sunrise Sunset, whatever you wish for, may you get!

December 31. 2019, a shoulder so burdened, a heart so heavy, finally is coming to rest, at ease, with a hope that the upcoming sunset and sunrise which will follow, is going to change everything. With a smile, and a heart full of faith, the eyes rested. The sun did rise but didn’t shine, however, the rays were bright enough to guide us to the end of the year. For the first time in our lives we saw and experienced things that we could not even come up with in our wildest imagination, a series of events so unexpected and unfortunate, that scares us to believe again. As we are at the crossroads yet again, December 31, 2020, the burden on the shoulders is a bit more, the heart is slightly heavier and the mind is a bit more confused, but the hope is more than ever, that things will actually turn out to be okay. We did witness a crazy year, but we also saw how kind people can be. People, who did not have shelter, were provided with a home and a bed to lay their heads on, people who were anxious and scared, were provided with assurance, people who were starving, were provided with food, love, and care. The affection was shown by people who had nothing to gain, by people who understood that the battle is won in togetherness, and believed that this battle against uncertainty could be won. The times were testing, but we helped each other pass. A year, where the ordinary became luxury, did give us an ample amount of time; time where we had the chance to look back, which made looking ahead clearer. A  year, where a pandemic shook the world; A year which had outcomes loud enough to make us realize that our lifestyle is not sustainable.

A sustainable living in simple words is nothing but using the available natural resources in an efficient way. A lifestyle that is very different from what we all are leading now. The damages caused due to our greed may be irreversible, but it is still not too late to start on a better path. Being organic is the first step, which includes a reduction or even termination if possible, of the usage of mass produced fabrics made of unnatural yarns. Digitization of payment methods is also a baby step in the right direction.

Like many organizations and companies, who have understood the problem and are doing their part to make this world better, we at AtrEastri take pride in all our handmade products, which not only is long-lasting and sustainable but also made by using good quality resources, which makes all our products uniquely and genuinely beautiful. Each product bought from ArtEastri brings joy to the home os a woman 3000 miles away from you. Every transaction with ArtEastri sustains a craft native to the Eastern corners of this country. 

As this decade is coming to an end, it would make a lot more sense if we took a small but a well-deserved break from this rollercoaster, just for a short while, and appreciate things that inspired us, people who were kind to us, people who have worked for us, blessings that we overlooked, and the little things that we took for granted. The cloud of uncertainty is still afloat, but we hope that the next year rains on us and this planet with miracles and joy.

Let us all take this time to be grateful for all the good things that happened to us, enabling us to see a new year once again, against all the odds. Let us also take a moment to grieve the struggles and losses that overwhelmed the entire planet.

We at ArtEastri would like to thank you for all the love and support that you have shown us, wishing each and every one of you happy new year, a year of unending surprises and display of kindness all around us!



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