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This Winter- Warm Yourselves, Not the Planet.

by Dhanya Nair 10 Dec 2021
This Winter- Warm Yourselves, Not the Planet.

As we pick out our year-end warm clothes from the back of the wardrobe and enjoy the warmth of the coffee cup in our hands, there is an excitement of the approaching cold winter within us that blooms. Oh, to enjoy going out in this beautiful weather, standing in the sunlight to get a little bit of warmth, thinking of vacations, and the year-end festivities of Christmas and New Year. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.


Fashion advertisements and blogs will now talk about the different trending winter styles and brands to look for. It will talk about all the creams to use and what fabric to avoid but won't tell you how it is important to make use of sustainable clothing. Such posts have a huge following. Using the right type of information to share your thoughts on a big platform such as a blog is crucial. The concept of fast fashion is one common element among such articles.


The impact of fast fashion trends and related blogs on the environment and people is tremendous. Authors, artists, entertainers, everyone needs to remember the effect of their actions and words. Though the notion of sustainability is not new, it is only now trending among people because of the emergence of global warming. Influencers should use their power to educate people on the massive effects fast fashion has on the environment and not just talk about it because it is a trend.

global warming

The phenomenon called global warming has been around for decades. It is the long-term heating of Earth's climate system resulting in a domino effect of disasters. More floods, hotter summers, less food, and frequent heatwaves are just the beginning of the side effects of global warming. In 2021, it is high time we go sustainable and live green.


Even so, we are not without hope. There are some ways in which we can curb the effects of climate change. Reducing CO2 levels in the environment by cycling and carpooling, opting for slow fashion clothes, planting trees, applying the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) in our daily lives are just some ways we can slow down climate change. It will help us buy some time to transform into a sustainable society.

ArtEastri's sustainable fashion

Slow fashion is just the opposite of trending fast fashion. It is a thoughtful, holistic, and intentional idea that supports the ethical processes of making clothes and acquiring raw materials. It aims to respect people, animals, and the environment. This moment envisions a world where fashion has a healing effect on the environment and people who make clothes. The concepts of morality and ethics are the important threads of this moment.


In the clothing world, where there have always been huge wastages, slow fashion comes to us as a way to sustainably express ourselves with eco-friendly fabrics. With the rise of sustainability comes slow fashion in the clothing industry. The urgent need to change from environment-damaging clothes to eco-friendly ones is a top priority and educating the masses of its advantages is essential to bring out this transformation.


During winters, there has been the use of fur coats and animal skins to keep us warm. This has harmed that particular animal's population on Earth. The fashion industry has made use of animals for a "beautiful" dress handstitched by underpaid artisans to earn profits. Alternatives to keep ourselves warm even during harsh winters, have showed up on the radar but were not "appealing" enough. As we set our sights on the goal to get the Earth back on its natural, healthy track, we can see the negative effects of such articles of clothing and start to avoid their usage.

ArtEastri Sustaibable Fashion

In the bitterly cold winters, we can warm ourselves with long coats and shawls but increasing the emission of CO2 that heats the Earth is lunacy. With the advancement in technologies and the invention of alternatives, it is high time we take the path of better living. It is time to change our way of living for a better future. It is time to go green.

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