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Here's How You Take Care of Your Handloom Clothes

by Dhanya Nair 18 Dec 2021
Handloom weaves in red, pink, purple and yellow threads

Handloom fabrics are the epitome of beauty weaved into clothes. Jamdani, Kantha, Muslin, and more are fabrics that are often family heirlooms that require a lot of emotional and financial investment. These fabrics have enchanting designs and intricate embellishments that make a simple outfit into an elegant one.

Though utterly beautiful, these finespun fabrics are extremely delicate. They need to be handled with utmost care while wearing and while storing them. Susceptible to environmental corrosion and staining, maintaining them can be tricky.

Here are some tips on how you can take care of your different handloom clothes.

Jamdani Fabric.

Ideally, Jamdani sarees remain best when they are dry-washed. Hand and machine washes don't do the trick. Make sure not to get stains on this glamorous saree. It is recommended to air Jamdani clothes once in a while so that the material breathes better. It preserves the saree from going dull.

 Handloom Jamdani Saree Pallu

Shibori Fabric.

Machine wash Shibori clothes in cold water only to make them last longer and retain their brightness. Wash with similar colours always. A cold water wash keeps the cloth from going dull. You can use a hanger or a clothing rack to dry them.

Steel Grey Handloom Woven Silk Cotton Shibori Saree

Kantha Quilts.

Handwashing or using a delicate machine wash cycle for Kantha clothes work the best. Cold-water wash is ideal. Wash separately to about damage. Cotton Kanthas can be stored without dry cleaning. Handwashing them is a good storing technique that keeps them as good new.

 Parrot Green Handloom Khesh Kantha Stitch Cotton Saree

Cotton Clothes.

Using shampoo or a mild detergent to wash cotton clothes is ideal. Before washing, soaking it in saltwater for some time retains its texture properly. While drying, give the garments a gentle stretch so that they dry without creases. Always air dry and try to keep them out of direct sunlight. Cotton clothes are reasonably easy to maintain and last for years before they are turned into rags by our mothers.

Black Red Handloom Cotton Saree 


It is recommended to soak muslin in lukewarm water mixed with mild liquid detergent to keep its firmness intact. Do not wring, twist, or squeeze this fabric. You can hang the garment on a cloth rack or can dry them on a flat surface. These clothes should be handled gently and as they are light and breathable. Airing them is another way to keep them in a good condition.

 Muslin Fabric


Silk garments are ought to be dry cleaned solely. Simply airing it within the house can keep it in a good state. Always iron this fabric between 2 white clothes after turning the cloth inside out. Do not spray water or wet milk when ironing. It should always be ironed when completely dry. Never bleach or wring it.

 Silk Fabric


Lukewarm water mixed with liquid detergent does the trick with chiffon fabric. Soaking the cloth in water for 30 minutes and rinsing it with cold water is recommended. Do not wring it and do not let it dry under direct sunlight. Laying it flat for drying is a good option instead of risking clip marks on the cloth.

Chiffon Fabric

Washing and soaking handloom garments in saltwater always does the trick. Do not soak it overnight because it might lead to discoloration. Understand the texture of the cloth to dry it properly. Some clothes need to be dried on flat surfaces, and some need to be only dry cleaned. Asking the shopkeeper for advice to store the particular fabric will also give you an idea of keeping these beautiful fabrics the right way.

These were out little tricks to keep your clothes in good condition for a long time. Hope you had an insight into keeping your products as good as new.

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