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Most Popular Handloom Cities of India

by Dhanya Nair 27 Dec 2021
Top Indian Cities with the best handloom products

India is a country of diversity. Is there any surprise that it remains distinct with its fabric and handloom skills? Each city, each state has a different way of working with clothes and weaving fabrics. These are specialties of that particular place. Handloom is a work of art- stitched, weaved, and bound into a beautiful dress or a saree you see worn by celebrities and people with good fashion sense. Its evergreen touch remains a classic though times might change. Elegance does not fade, you know? With captivating designs, comfortable fabrics, and bewitching forms of weaving, handlooms will thrive forever.


Find out about the best Indian cities for the most delightful handloom works right here.


The pink city shines with enchanting details, not only for its beautiful architecture but also for its mesmerising clothing. Block printing on the best-sold fabrics of bandhani, gota patti, zari, and kinari are in demand for handloom here. Its royal past has helped in the development of different handloom works, contributing to tourist attractions as well. This city's markets are filled with some intricate jewellery too. This is a place you should head to if you're looking to get drenched in beautiful patterns on fabric.

 Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Also known as Banaras, this city is famous for its Banarasi silk sarees, zari embroidery, and brocades. It is a centre for the rich weaving craft of gold and silver threads used in many Indian wedding dresses. Jamdani weaves can also be found here. Jamdani weaves are sheer cotton fabrics with vivid patterns all over. Who wouldn't want alluring and intricate designs on their wedding lehengas?

River Ganges, Varanasi, India


Famous for its textile and diamond market, Surat city of Gujarat is also known for its business of production and trade of synthetic textile products. Patols, a double ikat woven silk saree is a speciality here. Yarn, embroidery work, weaving, and processing are just some systems for fabrics performed here. Gujarati Bandhanis are also a famous attraction here for clothing.

Linen Fabric in Surat, India's top handloom producer


Also known as the city of handlooms, Panipat in Haryana is filled with manufacturers of handloom products related to home decor. A wide range of products are exported to countries like Japan, Canada, Australia, etc. Home furnishing is the market it most engages in. It is because of the easy availability of raw materials and huge potential for the domestic and international market.

Panipat Handloom


The city of Nawabs is famous for its beautiful handloom skill of the very trending chikankari work on fabrics. The elegant work is evergreen and adds to the charm of the dress or saree. Since its royal history and even before, Chikankari work has been one of the well-known art forms. Caps, kurtas, sarees, nothing is left untouched by this art form.

Lucknow, India


A small city in UP, this place is famous for its carpet weaving handicraft since the reign of Mughal king Akbar. Little delicate Persian details give the work an enchanting appeal. The handicraft most practised here is carpet weaving, making Bhadohi the largest manufacturer of carpets in the country.


Not only famous for its coaching centres, Kota is also famous for its "Kota weave" besides the usual bridal fabric. The popular Kota weave is made using a combination of threads for a checkered appearance. It is also known for the "Kota Doria" weave for sarees which is made from cotton and silk fabrics with Khats, or square-like patterns, all over.

Kota, Rajasthan, India


This Madhya Pradesh town is popular for its sarees and fabrics which are woven with different designs, unique and special. Floral borders, stripes, checks are all found on sarees here. Weavers are originally from Mandu, where they weaved for Mughal royals. Historically known to have the finest fabric in Madhya Pradesh, this art form found its handloom weaving tradition from the royal patronage mentioned above.


A textile gold mine, this Tamil Nadu city has all types of fabrics available. The famous Kanchipuram and Arani sarees are from here. Zari silk sarees are also ever popular. Chennai houses India's largest spinning industry- about 80%- which is what makes it so famous with saree lovers.

Chennai, India

So whether you are looking for bridal fabric or just want to stitch a nice lehenga for your door-ki-behen's wedding, Indian states have all the beautiful clothes and weave you will ever need.

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