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Sustainable Fashion Is The New Normal

by Dhanya Nair 10 Oct 2021
Sustainable Fashion Is The New Normal

In the generation where the Fast Fashion industry has taken over the world, sustainable fashion or ethical fashion is slowly and steadily rising up and creating awareness amongst the people.Sustainable fashion refers to the clothes manufactured, designed and dispersed using Eco-friendly ways. Whereas, ethical fashion refers to the process in which the welfare of the workers and the environment is taken utmost care of. 

Being responsible for the generation of around 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, the fast fashion industry is one of the greatest environmental hazards present in the world. On the other hand, the slow fashion industry works towards reducing the CO2 gas emission, minimizing pollution and waste generation. 

Despite being aware about all the threats caused by the Fast Fashion industry, people are still hesitating towards the adaptation of sustainable fashion. 

Sustainability venn diagram

To bring in a change as revolutionary as replacing your entire wardrobe into  sustainable clothing items, is definitely not going to be easy.

So, here are a few habits you can inculcate in your fashion habits and bring in a change for yourself and the environment:

Remember Who Makes Your Clothes

In a world, where the pandemic has brought humanity down to its knees, it is important for us to understand the sacrifices made by workers all around the world in these trying times. We should make it our responsibility to know about the workers who make our clothes. The working conditions and regular payments of the workers should be prioritized by the clothing brands. 

Look for brands who respect their artisans and pay attention to their well being.

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last.

Beautifully said by Vivienne Westwood, can be one of the best practises to introduce in your buying habits. With billions of items produced everyday, it is important for the people to make a wise decision while choosing what to buy and how much to buy. Before making a purchase, ask yourself questions such as: Will it be durable enough? Why are you buying that item? Is it necessary to be in my wardrobe?

Vintage Fashion Is Sustainable Fashion

We have come across so many vintage artifacts, paintings, antiques that people proudly place in their house. Why don’t we do that to our wardrobe? Having vintage and second hand clothing items are a mark of extravagance and you can also have some unique items in your wardrobe . Buying such items increases their life span and also helps you in making your contribution towards saving the Earth.

Choose Your Brands Wisely

Brands who understand how fashion choices can have a positive impact on the environment should be the primary option for us. The hazards caused by the fast fashion industry are very well known amongst the brands now and some of them are actually taking measures to prevent these negative impacts. We should make it our responsibility to choose such brands and contribute towards the well being of nature.

Preserve Your Clothes

The biggest advantage that comes along with the adoption of sustainable fashion is the durability that comes along with it. Selecting brands having a positive impact is not the only duty for us, but taking care of the clothes should also be our responsibility. Make sure that your clothes do not end up in a landfill and harm nature. Ensure that you reuse the clothes as much as possible without over-washing them. Second hand clothing and repairing such clothes can be one of the most useful practices in the adoption of sustainable fashion.

Such small fashion choices can create a huge impact towards mankind. The goal of creating a sustainable wardrobe is something we should work on together. When the whole world comes together and understands the importance of sustainable fashion, only then, we are going to be able to turn this dream into a reality. We, at ArtEastri, are trying our best to work towards the well being of nature and contribute towards saving it from any harm. We never know how big a difference can be created by doing such small things. 

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