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The 9 Navratri Colours 2021: What to Wear!

by Dhanya Nair 03 Oct 2021
The 9 Navratri Colours 2021: What to Wear!

Aye Haalo! “, YES! The festival of bright colors, twinkling lights, and energizing music with people dancing around in synchronization and coordination is back. Navaratri 2021 is here and we are all ready to gear up for 9 days of dancing, singing and having tons of fun.

Among all other Indian Festivals, “Navratri”, meaning 9 days, goes on for the longest time in which Lord Durga and her 9 different versions are worshiped with pure dedication across the country.

9 days of fasting, delicious food offerings, Garba and the grandeur of Pandals, Navratri has it all! Coming right after Ganesh Chaturthi and before Diwali, Navratri surely is one of the biggest festivities of the country. 

Women from all age groups are excited for this festival, as it gives them the chance to dress themselves up in their very own ethnic attire. People are dressed up with a sense of style and the feeling of festivity and happiness that the festival brings upon us. 

Nothing can match the energy of the people dancing to the tunes of catchy music on Dandiya nights. Navratri 2021 starts from 7th October, and shall continue to the 15th of the month.

9 days of worshipping includes dressing up in special colours everyday, in which each colour is of different significance. So, we present to you 9 different outfits and accessories to don the Navratri outfit and make your presence known in every Pandal you set foot in.

1. Yellow

An Indian ethnic wear is incomplete without a saree. And what better than a ravishing saree to welcome the 9 days of fun ahead of us? This Yellow Pink Matka Silk Handloom Jamdani Saree is your absolute best choice in starting off the festival with style and ethnicity. Walk into the festival with a feeling of joy and optimism, which the yellow colour stands for.

Pink Yellow Matka jamdani Saree

2. Green

It's time to rock the Pandals!! Maintain the vibe with an elegant green saree. The colour green stands for life, nature and energy. And this saree will surely keep your energy during the jazz of the dandiya nights.

Green Black Matka Jamdani Saree

3. Grey

The colour grey stands for neutrality and balance. Rock your outfit with this beautiful handloom dupatta to create a sense of balance with style and elegance.

Handloom Grey Red Shibori Silk Dupatta

4. Orange 

The whole environment is pleasant and energetic around you. The colour orange stands for brightness and energy. Wear this magnificent orange stole with your dress to lighten up the mood and dance your heart out at the Garba night.

Stunning Orange Handloom Shibori Wool Stole

5. White

11th October, an auspicious day in the Navratri celebration. It’s the Durga Pooja. Show the lord how thankful you are for all the blessings she has been showering on you. Keep it simple and classy on this holy day with this designer white saree. White stands for purity and positivity. Spread positivity with this beautiful adaptation of the slow fashion industry completely unadulterated by the inhuman ways of the fast fashion industry.

Handloom White Ruby Red Designer Saree

6. Red

Red is the colour of festivals in India. Any occasion is incomplete without a marvellous piece of red clothing on a woman. Red stands for warmth, passion, love and vigour. Lord Durga is known to fight evil ferociously. Look confident and vigorous in this red stole and walk around with passion in your eyes.

Red Yellow Gos Buta Cotton Eri Silk Stole

7. Royal Blue

Navratri is all about bright colours. A blue outfit completely matches the ambience of the festival. Blue stands for bravery and dedication. Maintain the festive vibe going on with this marvellous blue shibori dupatta.

Stylish Indigo Orange Shibori Silk Dupatta

8. Pink

The last days of this amazing festival are upon you. You want to spend time with your family and friends. Keep a warm and welcoming environment at your house with this exquisite pink saree.

Magenta Handloom Silk Jamdani Saree

Pink stands for inner peace and harmony.

9. Purple 

Like every good thing comes to an end, the joyous occasion of Navratri comes to an end after 9 days of music, dance, poojas and delicious food items . It is the last day to hit the pandals and dance around in the arena with your friends and family. Purple is the sacred colour for the occasion. It signifies royalty, luxury and grandeur.

Purple Handloom Zari Border Jamdani Cotton Saree

Bid farewell to your idol and have amazing fun on the last night of this extravagant festival by dressing yourself in this premium purple saree.

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