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How Slow Fashion Helps In Saving The Environment

by Dhanya Nair 06 Nov 2021
How Slow Fashion Helps In Saving The Environment

Slow fashion industry is a part of the fashion industry which produces clothes in an ethical way with respect to people, animals and the environment. Slow, ethical and sustainable fashion choices have been growing due to customer awareness. These industries consider the aspects of well being of the workers and our environment. 

Unlike the fast fashion industry, it creates a positive impact on human life as well as nature. The havoc created by the fast fashion industry is a threat to mankind. In the process of following trends and producing clothes in bulk, this industry keeps ignoring the harm it causes to nature. On the other hand, the slow fashion industry makes sure that it causes minimal harm to nature and protects its beliefs of sustainability.

Green fashion warehouse

Awareness regarding ethical and sustainable fashion should be the primary goal for clothing brands around the world. And this can be achieved if we collectively work towards the growth of the slow fashion industry. Various influencers and celebrities have been promoting the need to create a sustainable wardrobe. If we idolize them for things like these, the world would be a much better place. 

Still having second thoughts? Here is how slow fashion helps in saving the environment!

Slow Fashion Industry Uses Less Natural Resources

One of the best aspects of the slow fashion industry is the relationship they build between humans and nature to protect and nurture it. This industry prioritizes minimal use of natural resources. Recycling and reusing are words they live by. Reusing the materials and clothes helps in cutting down the use of natural resources and also helps in increasing the lifespan of the clothes. This is one of the best ways which will help you in creating a sustainable wardrobe. Use of less chemicals and eco-friendly dyes makes this industry produce clothes which are unique and highly durable.

sustainability venn diagram

No Animals Are Harmed During The Process!

We often come across an exquisite fur jacket or a classy leather bag and we are just flattered by the appeal of it. But have you ever thought of how these clothes are made? YES! Every year millions of animals are killed to produce such extravagant clothes and are priced at a value which will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Whereas the slow fashion industry is strictly against the killing of animals and produces clothes using raw materials available in nature. There is an alternative for every raw material used by the fast fashion industry which threatens nature. Recently, a new technique of obtaining leather was found ie. to obtain leather from cactus. As surprising as it sounds, this is one of the greatest discoveries by the human race. Just because of this, hundreds and thousands of animals will be saved who otherwise would’ve been exploited and killed for their leather.

Provision Of Safe Working Conditions

Slavery was abolished way before the modern era came into picture. But has it actually been abolished? The answer is NO! May it be in different forms and practices, contemporary slavery still exists. Thousands of workers are tortured and exploited to carry out the bulk production of clothes in the fashion industry. Unsafe work conditions, minimum wages, pathetic health and safety conditions have been taking away lives of many workers around the world. The slow fashion industry is well known for the decent amount of wages and hygienic working conditions provided for their workers. These workers are the backbone for any fashion industry. Protecting their well being is the bare minimum an industry can do.

Save Water, Save Earth!

Everyone has come across this slogan at least once in their life. Safety of water has been one of the biggest concerns across the world. Numerous steps are being taken to save water and utilize it in the best way possible. What if we tell you that your fashion choices can be a way of you contributing to saving water? Yes, you heard us right! There are a lot of brands who promote sustainability and make choices that save water in unimaginable ways. Choosing the right brands and promoting them can make you a responsible citizen and help you in being a part of this noble cause.  Organic materials can reduce the consumption of water by more than 90%. Not only will it provide the value for your money but also create a sense of awareness amongst the crowd. Water is the primary need for any being on this planet and saving it should be our topmost priority!

poster on save water

Slow fashion industry holds the potential of making this world a better place to live in. These are the small choices we can make to create a huge impact in our personal lives as well as help the environment. We are always one step closer to bringing in such a change that will not only help us but also the future generation. 

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