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Choose the Perfect Curtains for your Home.

by Dhanya Nair 12 Jan 2022
Choose the Perfect Curtains for your Home.

How to choose the perfect curtains for your home

Ah, you have finally settled perfectly in your new home. The colour of the walls is soothing, cool winds blow from the windows, the wind chimes play soft music, everything is beautiful. Except for the old curtains you got from your last apartment! If only it would blend well with this picturesque scene. Well, you can choose one now!

Finding the right curtain to suit your house's style can take time. That's why we are here to help you choose the best curtain for your home quickly! Go through this checklist and find the right curtains for the perfect feel of your home.

The length

Figure out how long you want your window covers to be. It can be floor-length, or it can only cover the window. It depends on the height of your windows and ceilings, and the look you are trying to achieve for the room. To figure out how long the curtain cloth should be, measure the distance between the curtain rod and the floor- if you want them to be floor length. If you want the curtain only covering the window, measure the length between the curtain rod and the bottom window sill.



The fabric of the curtain you choose will elevate the look of the room or worsen it. With each fabric comes the selection of colours and patterns. Choose the one that elevates the feel of the room with its colour and presence. You should select the fabric while keeping these points in mind-

  1. How much sunshine do you want coming through- heavier, opaque materials for no light, lighter, cotton ones if you want to keep light coming through.
  2. Does it match the decor and mood of the room- patterns and fabrics play a huge part in improving the feel of the room.

Each fabric falls differently from an elevation. Remember to notice the way the fabric looks while it is pleated or drawn back so you can have a better idea of how good it will look.


Colours can make or break your curtain choice for your room. It is more significant than the pattern you choose. Complementing colours with your room decor work the best. Choosing the dominant colour of the room as the hue of your curtains are another way to get good results from your choice. If you want all focus on your window covers, pick a shade that contrasts the colours of the walls and furniture.


Prints or solids? Which will you choose? Take a look at the room decor. Do you have solids in your basic furnishings? If yes, then a print pattern is the way to go! If you have more prints in the room, a solid pattern should be your choice. Geometric shapes and quirky styles go with contemporary space. Florals are the best choice if your room has a traditional or a modern classic look.


Let the accessories take your curtain game to the next level. You can try the pull-backs, valances, or the ornamental curtain tracks- one of these will bring out the best of your curtains, and in turn, your room. Embellish the room with valances that hang over the curtains or use simple pull-backs to enhance the grandeur of the fabric used. Velvet curtains with pull-back style is one example.


The type of fabric you choose will also determine how often you will have to wash them. There are many materials which do not get dirty for a long time. There are some which need to be washed regularly. If you are looking for low maintenance curtain fabrics, choose cotton or synthetic material. Curtains of wool and silk need to be hand-washed or dry cleaned regularly to keep their colours and shape intact.

Choosing curtains can be tricky like that, but if you are willing to make your home look the best, there is the need to go deep into every element of the house.

Find the perfect curtain for your room with this simple list. Keep the dos and don'ts in mind and remember, a good curtain is like a final touch to a perfect ending- choose the right one, and it will stay with you forever.

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