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How to Get the Perfect Table Linen For Your Home

by Dhanya Nair 22 Jan 2022
How to Get the Perfect Table Linen For Your Home

Imagine a large wooden table, neatly decorated with a beautiful table cloth, some candles, and a dish that fills the room with the aroma, calling you to some good food. Now that is an evening you do not want to miss. The amazing times are made beautiful because of the table we set for special occasions. You cannot invite your guests for a good treat on a plain table after all. The decor is one thing that talks about your personal choices, just like your clothes.

Table linens are one of the many things that keep your house from looking untidy. Dinner tables cannot be set without good linen on them. The cloth protects the texture of the table. A coffee table and a side table will need different clothes that suit the size and theme of the room. Here are some ways to choose your table linen, so it suits your house perfectly.

The image you have in mind-

Table linens can depict a story when you place them on your table. From easily cleanable plastic wraps to beautiful and simple clothes that give the feel of a 5-star restaurant, a cloth has the power to make or break the look you are going for with your dining table.

 ArtEastri Maroon Black Hand Kantha Embroidered Cotton Table Runner


The colour of the table linen also makes a difference. Shades of white and ivory are suitable for regular and formal settings. When there happen to be festivities, strong hues and other tabletop elements can jazz up the dinner table. Soothing pastel colours go beautifully with complementing decor on and around the table.


Of course, every cloth will have different handling requirements. Some clothes need regular cleaning, while others can go on for a long time without being washed. Plastic covers will take no time to be cleaned, while cloth coverings will need to be put to washing. It is one element you need to remember when buying a cloth that will be set up on your table.


Each table linen will have a different price range. With every other linen decor that you get for your table, the cost rises. If it goes out of your budget, it will be a disappointment. A whole table set is out there in the market that suits your requirements for table clothes. Do not let the costs demotivate you.

The number of table linen needed-

You cannot invite your guests to a dinner table with less table linen. Always get extras for the table. If your table can seat 10 people, it is better to get at least 12 napkins- each for one. If one is stained or unusable there is an extra one to give your guest.

Table runners-

A table runner is a thin cloth that runs along the table- whether on the table cloth or on an uncovered table. These can be used in various ways, such as, to point out the focal point of the table or to characterise a theme. Table runners help add more character to the table and make it more elegant.


Designs that suit the table is all depended on the image you want to go for with the table. It also depends on where the tale is placed. Whether it is in an outdoor setting or in an elegantly set dining room. Patterns like geometric designs, floral and ethnic prints, even food-related designs are available in the market.

Table linens are available to buy online as well. Remember to make sure that when you order one online, it should suit the decor of the room as well. There are different ones available in the market for different seasons. Many change their linens based on seasons. A good quality table linen will make your table shine when it is decorated and set for good food and conversations with family and friends.

After all, who doesn't like beautifully decorated dinner tables that make the evening pleasant and food more delicious?

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