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Buy Silk Dupattas for the Special Events coming up in your life!

by Ratnabali Mitra 11 Jun 2021
Indigo Shibori Silk Dupatta

Silk is an animal fibre produced by certain insects (silkworms) as building material for cocoons and webs. Historically, silk as a fabric traces its origin to China. It was in the early 18th century when the East India company introduced seri-culture in India for the first time. However, In Indian cultural heritage, the dupatta has a 4500 year old lineage. It traces its origins to the Harappan civilization. During the Vedic times, the dupatta was a common accessory for both men and women. Over time, this 2.5 meter fabric has complimented the overall dressing of a woman!

 Have you wondered how a humble piece of fabric, the dupatta, can transform your entire persona? This is one type of Indian ethnic wear that women of all age groups can carry with ease and does not require much effort. Just requires a smart drape. To raise the fashion quotient for Indian ethnic dupattas you can choose the many varieties of silk dupattas online in different types of fabric and make such as handwoven or hand-embroidered in tassar or pure silk or Muga Silk.

 Pure Silk Dupattas can be worn well on special occasions over a silk suit or a heavy Anarkali suit. The drape and the grandeur of such silk dupattas can easily make you the cynosure of all eyes. There is nothing that beats a pure silk dupatta with the beauty and the grace. It’s perfect for occasions such as weddings. Also, silk dupattas are not at all fragile. They will last you for ages if you take good care of them. The beauty of silk dupattas is their fall. They are extremely flowy and graceful and team up very well with lehengas and suits. All you need to do to when you buy silk dupattas online is to take good care of them. The best way is to change the folds once in a while and keep them covered in soft mulmul or in any old cotton sari/fabric.


A silk dupatta is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. It is such a valuable accessory which can literally elevate your outfits. The many types of silk dupattas online can be in Chanderi silk or pure Mysore silk or even the very glamorous banarasi or katan silk- either handwoven, or block printed or even displaying some gorgeous hand kantha embroidery. You can surely enrich your closet when you buy a silk dupatta online this festive season!

Any silk dupatta will add a touch of grandeur to your wardrobe. If you plan to visit any art concert or exhibition a Shibori silk dupatta or a kantha stitch silk dupatta with a subtle kurta can work wonders on you! The fashion verdict for Banarasi silk dupattas is to pick one which is very bright and pair it with a simple kurta set or lehenga to let the dupatta do the talking. Benarasi Silk dupattas are the perfect fashion accessory for a wedding. Another option in Silk Dupattas is Tussar Silk which comes in a beige tone. Tussar is a wild silk. It radiates an antique gold hue and its dull texture is ideal for embroidery patterns or even block prints. Tussar silk Dupattas are commonly handloom woven. The lightest of all silk dupattas is the Chanderi Silk Dupatta, taking their name from a small town in Madhya Pradesh.

 When you buy silk dupattas online, you actually invest in a heritage that’s thousands of years old.

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