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Style your outfits with silk stoles and scarves

by Ratnabali Mitra 14 Jun 2021
Style your outfits with silk stoles and scarves

Very often we have been asked about the basic difference between a stole and a scarf. So here we are with an answer! A stole is simply a longer and thinner scarf. Stoles and scarves are both worn around the neck, head or over the shoulders. And if you are contemplating of getting yourself silk stoles online then it’s perhaps the most stylish fashion accompaniment you could think of. Please do not be disheartened by the thought that stoles are only to be worn in winter specially so as India is a tropical country. You cannot be further from the truth. Stoles and Scarves are a year- round fashion accessory and with silk stoles and scarves you can surely modify any outfit from casual to dressy.

    With the onset of the pandemic since 2020, we are flummoxed by the many choices available of silk stoles online. Now that you know that you can transform any outfit in a jiffy by simply draping a stylish stole why not browse the 100 + options of silk stoles online available here at ArtEastri. We promise you that an ArtEastri silk stole(insert landing page of silk stoles)  whether its Pure Silk Shibori (insert landing page of silk shibori stoles)  or a hand- kantha embroidered  silk stole (landing page kantha silk stole) or the very unique Ahimsa silk stole (landing page), you will be spoilt for choices.  Do remember that silk stoles and scarves can be the perfect fashion accompaniment for that special board meeting of yours or when you are meeting a client over a zoom session. Not to forget that when you buy silk stoles online from ArtEastri, you are buying a piece of heritage with a very high green quotient. Our silk stoles and scarves are very sustainably produced and we are so proud to say that these stoles make perfect heritage gifts too as they are super lightweight, are handwoven or hand-embroidered and boast of a craft from Eastern India. ArtEastri handmade silk stoles and scarves do not merely give yourself a striking glaze but can also bring a smile in the lives of your loved ones.
Oscar de la Renta once said, ‘A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories’. Great style is not about wearing the priciest fashion label. It is about cleverly styling your outfit with the right accessories to make a statement.
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