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Handmade Sarees & Jewelry. Give not to receive, but to create a smile!

by Ratnabali Mitra 17 Dec 2020
Give not to receive, but to create a smile!

2020, for many, was a year that has been more of downs than of ups, a year where looking back was more significant than looking forward. A year of learning, a year of yearning, a year of great introspection of what is right and what is not is coming to a much-awaited end. 2021 is probably going to be one of the most anticipated years, where we hope that the only distancing we’ll have to do is from gloominess and the dullness, two things that took over the entire world this year. ArtEastri’s new collection of handmade jewelry, handloom sarees, and many more items promises to make your life far from dull and gloomy, with designs so bright and eye catching, may just be the refreshment that we need right now in our lives.

  The unkind nature of this year made us learn the importance of being kind towards everything that graces this planet. Keeping this lesson in mind, the handwoven curtains were made with textures so gentle, which will warm your heart with each glance.The lockdown forced us to be away from people we love and cherish for so long, bringing a halt to many routines that brought meaning and joy into our lives, something as simple as celebrating birthdays, mourning heartbreaks, or anything trivial that made us feel human. Not being able to share our joy and grief was a problem that many of us faced during this pandemic. The unlock which is currently happening nationwide must be used as an opportunity to make up for all the birthday gifts that we could not give.

 ArtEastri’s winter collection, which consists of handloom shibori merino wool stoles or our  Bengal Jamdani woolen scarf for women, plus a variety of décor items like a beautiful kantha stitch silk cushion cover -- makes up for the perfect gift in this season of giving.

 Christmas Season is the time where everyone gets to show their love and affection towards their close ones, through gifts and wishes, as we all know the truest form of happiness comes from giving generously and joyfully. In a year where almost everything went wrong, your small gesture of kindness towards someone can make a huge right, an appreciation can help a person to go a long way!


Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

                                                                                                      Ben Carson


We are very grateful to each one of you for your love towards our work and our fabrics, as all products are sustainable for nature, your support has been sustainable for our growth. As this year ends, let us all show love to our near and dear ones with something that they’ll cherish for life.

We at ArtEastri are hopeful, hopeful for a happier future, a happier year, and a happier world.

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