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Handcrafted in Bankura

by Ratnabali Mitra 11 Jul 2022
Dokra Jewellery

We are in Bankura, West Bengal. home to our most priced possession at Arteastri- our Putul Karmakar- who is the brain and brawn behind the  beautiful dokra pieces that we sell here.

As we walk towards the village, one can experience  the rhythmic clickety-clack drift towards us floating blithely on the warm, summer breeze tinged with the scent of cooking mustard seeds.

Bankura is home for a cluster of farmers weavers and craftsmen. The Bankura town is a hub of Dokra art in West Bengal where there are more than 200 craftsmen engaged in making these art objects with their skills and aesthetics .  We, at Arteastri, are lucky to have artisans and craftsmen of nomadic origin who have helped us in the process of developing these beautiful pieces of jewellery with all its  authenticity.

 Art of styling your Dhokra pieces:

Styling Dhokra jewellery is easy due to the versatility of the traditional handicraft. According to the current trend Boho,  vintage and indigenous are huge this season and they are here to stay and would make a unique style  statement.

Owing to the non lustrous matte finished jewellery blends perfectly with any outfit starting some casual wear to a very formal look, Dhokra jewellery looks great with any kind of outfit.

 On pairing with a  traditional outfit the classic jewellery will smoothly compliment the traditional look.

How to preserve these jewellery pieces

Using any kind of acid such as lemon juice or soaking the piece of jewellery in vinegar and then using a dry cloth to tap and wipe clean the article followed by allowing  the piece of article to dry in the sun is the recommended process to make sure you preserve your Dhokra jewellery and get the most use out of them.






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