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Frank musings from ArtEastri

My Search for Inspiration

by Rhea R 14 Sep 2022
My Search for Inspiration

Under the October sky, I set out with a bag full of hope and curiosity. My excursion to discovery , exploration and knowledge for my brand had started. Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. I felt like the bird trapped in Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry while dreaming of my light & soul – Arteastri. Six years back when the seeds of Arteastri were planted, I wanted to ensure that it branched out finesse and perfection in every piece of clothing it produced - from its texture to the motifs and consequently, as a pioneer I ventured out  looking for inspiration and brought back a smidgen from each and every town and village that I visited. This mélange of cultures and local vibes cultivated together became our tree of life, our brand. Harvested in the most natural way possible, we envisioned the roots of our brand as strong, slow & sustainable. We needed each piece fanned out of Arteastri to be au naturel and consequently, set out looking for cotton in its most flawless yet the most engaging structure. The solace of handwoven cotton is vital to me simultaneously at Arteastri we  desire for added lustre and softer texture , this drew me towards the eastern part of the country.

The pleasant winds of the Bay land welcomed me with autumn’s fervour . I was in Bengal, the home of the goddess of power, Durga and  the breezes had a whiff of the happy feels. Pandals were being set, sanctuaries enriched and the Bengali energy was up high.

My stay there was intended to uncover and inculcate in our brand , the exquisitness of the Bengali handlooms. The roadtrips to adjoining villages was nothing less than a cultural flare . The Bengali countryside, immaculate by modernisation, is a walk in the past. The populace generally relies upon cultivation and weaving. Pretty much every villager is talented in the craft of weaving, potentially passed down from ages and each family has a loom. The metropolitan idea of sustainability is a lifestyle as whatever is created is consumed and each piece reused. In the huge local areas of weavers and artisans , a mahajan heads a gathering of families and gives them yarn and fabrics which they take back home to weave . I realised that weaving orientated jobs stay liquid as both the man and the lady of the house contribute while the youngsters play student.

We shaped a wonderful synergy between us and our artisans who are the building stones of the brand to date. With trusts satisfied, we got back with a pack brimming with recollections, enhanced information and encounters that I will hold near my heart for eternity. I return to the place that is known for adoration pretty much consistently looking for motivation from the imagination blossoming in families. I document my discoveries in pictures and notes to go through on a specific lovelorn day.

At the point when I sit back to consider my Bengali stay, I frequently murmur, "Mists come drifting into my life, no longer to convey downpour or usher storm, yet to add tone to my dusk sky" - Rabindranath Tagore.


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