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ArtEastri- A Dream I nurtured

Here's a heartfelt story.  When I wanted to start a venture of my own, I realised I wanted to pursue my goal of fashion that was sustainable yet personal and near nature, something I felt energetically about, that had a spirit and a story to tell, that discussed our rich legacy and introduced it to a worldwide crowd. Five years ago, I nurtured this dream and gave ARTEASTRI, a soul. 

This was not just a day’s work but something that took form out of my extensive travels to Indian towns looking for motivation and inspiration like that of West Bengal ,Orissa and Assam. The craftsmen I associated with on my visit, became fundamental pieces of my image. I have confidence in safeguarding associations thus, every weaver ArtEastri works with gets work a large number of seasons, many years so the relationship is kept up with and supported. To that end we work with not many specialties. It isn't as we would rather not get more artisans from other regions, we wish to remain consistent with our standards. Whoever we work with, we structure a wonderful collaboration. The brilliant side of working with similar arrangement of individuals is that one will explore inside a specific space - comprehend the constraints and potential outcomes at the same time. We gain from one another.

Solace's Caress

I needed to utilize conventional textures and give them a cutting edge twist to save the kind of native specialty styles. I call Arteastri a textile story since we center as much around the course of textile ideation and creation as the final result. It has a specific inheritance, contact and substance of the town it comes from and the hands which make it. You can have many wears out of an ArtEastri piece of clothing. It stays with you as a long sentiment. I accept that style is solace and everybody cherishes solace's stroke. All our garments are free flowing, for the most part cotton . They make for the ideal work from home wear or even casual wear.  Our lightweight and layered textures arrive in various varieties with little subtleties to find as you wear them.


The Question Of Sustainability

We follow a slow philosophy and the entire process of making what we offer is mindful and patient. From a string to a garment, it requires around a half year for us to wind around a relationship for you. I don't think fast fashion  is economical - swiftly in factories with a lot of exploitation of garment workers. At Arteastri, we produce in-house, with the goal that we can focus on quality and each and every detail.

The cycle as well as what happens later to the article of clothing, is significant. We don't create stock, rather we specially make. We keep inventories just for our textures, which can be utilized in a future assortment. This gives us degree to create what our clients like and to know our bestsellers. This is sustainable and limits wastage.

I believe slow is the future of fashion. People are learning to revere nature once again. The pandemic was a reminder for us to slow down our breakneck speed of business as usual. It taught us to respect the pace of nature and match our own pace with it – to go herbal, slow down & eat organic. This new slow world would be incomplete without slow fashion